Black Jack Pro Distributor

Black Jack Pro Distributor

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ACES Fuel Injection.
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ACES   Fuel   Injection   Blackjack   Pro   Series   Billet   Distributor is for the automotive enthusiast who needs reliability  and  precision  for  their  high-performance  power plant. It features a high quality, fully adjustable mechanical advance and an accurate magnetic pickup trigger. The CNC-machined black anodized aluminum body  and  hardened  steel  shaft,  guided  by  a  sealed  ball  bearing  on  top  and  a  sintered  steel  bushing  on  the  bottom,  ensure  stability  up  to  10,000  RPM.  The  distributor can be locked out and features solid brass terminals, and a color-matched wire retainer.  

•  Fully adjustable mechanical advance with additional springs and bushings      included    

•  Fits The Following Models:

   - AMC/Jeep 6 Cylinder 232/258

   - Small Block 262-400 and Big Block  Mark IV 396

   - 454 Chevrolet Engines

   - Small Block Ford 260-302 Engines

   - Small Block Ford 351W Engines

   - FE Ford- 351C-460 BB Ford

   - SB Mopar

   - BB 383 Mopar

   - BB 426-440 Mopar

   - Pontiac 326-455

   - VW (traditional 4cyl air cooled)