High Roller CDI Ignition Box

High Roller CDI Ignition Box

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ACES Fuel Injection.
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ACES  Fuel  Injection  High  Roller  Digital  CDI  Ignition  box  is  the  ultimate  component  to  complete  your  high-performance   ignition   system.   With   its   32-bit   processor  and  high  output  the  High  Roller  offers  the  latest  technology  and  strongest  spark  you  can  get.  Using the included touch screen controller, the system is easy to program and adjust and provides full control of the timing curve. The unique design and colors are a compliment to any engine compartment. Complete with  mounting  hardware  and  connectors  the  High  Roller is ready to install and use right out of the box.    

   •  32-bit Power Architecture® based controller ideal for automotive powertrain applications    

   •  Fast response, real-time ignition, and no  timing delay    

   •  Handheld display showing: Spark Output, RPM, Multiple Spark, Battery Voltage,  Diagnostics and offers full control of the timing curve    

   •  Locking Sealed connector for primary harness 

   •  2 Stage Rev Limiter setting for Burnout RPM and Launch Control     

   •  150mj spark energy when used with ACES Blackjack Pro Series high performance coil     

   •  Primary voltage 450-530 Volts, secondary Voltage 50000 Volts     

   •  Compatible with 4,6,8 Cylinder engines     

   •  Works with Points or Electronic Ignition